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About Us

As a group of ambitious freshmen at Edison high school, we're pursuing our dreams of entrepreneurship through the (CIBACS) program. We've been entrusted with a unique assignment, the World Exposition project, where we've had the opportunity to delve deep into the diverse culture and rich history of Portugal.

I, as the team's web designer, was given the exciting task of creating and maintaining this website. This platform serves not only to promote our project but also to share the intriguing facets of Portuguese culture and history with the wider world.

Our team is divided into various roles, each focusing on a unique aspect of Portuguese culture. Our Culture 1 specialist is our very own in-house chef and dance enthusiast, shedding light on Portugal's vibrant culinary scene and traditional dances.


Meanwhile, the Culture 2, Timeline, and Geography groups have been tirelessly working to provide comprehensive information about Portugal's geography and history. Their research helps paint a broader picture of Portugal's cultural evolution and its diverse landscapes.


We sincerely thank you for visiting our website. Our aim is to educate and inspire through the information we provide. We hope that by navigating through our site, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for Portugal, its culture, and its people. Here's to learning something new and exciting about Portugal today!

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